Berio's Sequenza Series

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Call for Papers
Berio's Sequenza Series

Between 1958 and 2002, Luciano Berio wrote fourteen pieces entitled Sequenza, along with several versions of the same work for different instruments, revisions of the original pieces and also the parallel Chemins series, where one of the Sequenzas is used as the basis for a new composition on a larger scale. The Sequenza series is one of the most remarkable achievements of the late twentieth century, a collection of virtuoso pieces that explores the capabilities of a unaccompanied instrument and its player, making extreme technical demands and developing the musical language of the instrument in compositions so assured and so distinctive that each piece effectively both initiates and exhausts a repertoire for that instrument.

Proposals are invited for contributions to a volume of essays dedicated to the series and its companion compositions. Essays may address any aspect of the compositions and their performance, and may look at single Sequenzas, groups of pieces or the series as a whole. Topics contributors might consider addressing include:

· Performance practice
· Instrumental technique
· Extended techniques
· Berio's compositional technique
· Notation
· The revisions
· Analysis
· Aesthetics
· Gesture
· Expression
· Recordings
· The commissioning performers
· Sanguineti's epigraphs
· The Chemins Series

If you are interested in contributing, please send an abstract of 250-500 words plus a short biography (including your current status/position and a list of publications) by 31 October 2003. Proposals should be sent both in e-mail and as attachments (Microsoft Word or RTF), or may be sent as hard copy to:

Dr Janet K Halfyard
Birmingham Conservatoire
Paradise Place
B3 3HG
United Kingdom
Fax: 0121 331 5906

Contributors will be notified regarding acceptance by January 31st 2004; we expect that the deadline for completed papers will be 30 September 2004. Queries are welcome at the above e-mail or address.